Writing - Barton Mathews

"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing" - Benjamin Franklin

What lead me to writing? 

Back in 2006 I headed to a rapidly developing China that was stark in its wealth disparity, contrasting in its development and serenity. It was a fantastic time to be in the country and I wanted to share this fascinating experience. I was lucky enough to have an article featured in the Primary Geographer magazine and that was it, I was hooked on travel writing. The article can be read, here.  

Since then, I have written extensively and have worked at GoodThings, The Cricketer and Trail Running magazines. My travel articles on 'Skiing in Canada', 'Trekking in Yosemite', 'Stargazing in the UK' and the finest 'European Christmas Markets' can all be found on their respective links.  

Further published pieces includes an article called 'Rosy cheeks and Winter Peaks' which features the best seasonal hikes in the UK for Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine.

Throughout this time, I've always maintained a love of poetry and was lucky enough to get three of my pieces published. You can read them here, or purchase the anthology in which they feature here.

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